Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge Honours

 Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge Honours

YEAR   NAME                                OFFICE

2019    V.W. Bro S.Budde              Honorary Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden

2018    W.Bro. S. Higgins              Provincial Grand Master’s Standard Bearer

2017    W.Bro. W. Chapman          Provincial Grand Master’s Standard Bearer

2016    V.W.Bro.C.M.J. McAteer    Grand Steward of Charities

2015    W.Bro.W. Somerset           Provincial Grand Masters Standard Bearer

2014    R.W.Bro.R. Matthews         Provincial Grand Master
2013    W.Bro.D. Perry                   Provincial Grand Steward

2011    R.W.Bro.R. Matthews         Provincial Deputy Grand Master

2011    V.W.Bro.C.M.J. McAteer     Provincial Grand Registrar

2010    V.W.Bro.C.M.J. McAteer     Provincial Grand Steward 
2006    R.W.Bro.R. Matthews          Provincial Assistant Grand Master
2004    W.Bro.A.R. Hopkins             Provincial Grand Sword Bearer

2001    R.W.Bro.J. F. Kerr                Provincial Grand Master

2000    R.W.Bro.J. F. Kerr                Provincial Deputy Grand Master
2000    W.Bro.B. P. Thomas             Provincial Grand Inspector

1996    W.Bro.A.H. Miskimmon        Honorary Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon

1994    R.W.Bro.J. F. Kerr                Provincial Assistant Grand Master

1995    W.Bro.A.H. Miskimmon        Provincial Grand Instructor

1994    W.Bro.R. Matthews              Provincial Grand Steward
1991    W.Bro.J. F. Kerr                   Honorary Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden
1986    W.Bro.J. F. Kerr                   Provincial Grand Superintendant of Works

R.W.Bro.R. Matthews

R.W.Bro. Roger Matthews.
Provincial Grand Master of Down.

R.W.Bro. Matthews was initiated into Felicitas Masonic Lodge No. 760
in 1980, held the post of Almoner before being installed as Worshipful
Master in 1988 and served for 14 years as Lodge Secretary before
standing down in 2007.
Past Chairman and current President of Rossetta Masonic Charity Board.
In 1989 he joined the Management Committee of the Masonic Girls
Benefit Fund and served 13 years on the Committee before retiring as its Chairman in 2002.
R.W.Bro. Matthews was appointed as a Provincial Grand Lodge Steward
in 1994 and Grand Lodge Steward of Charities in December 2003.
Roger has been a member of Down Charity Executive since its inception
and became its Chairman in November 2006 following his investiture
and installation as a Provincial Assistant Grand Master.
At the November 2011 communication of the Provincial Grand Lodge
of Down R.W.Bro. Matthews was Installed as Provincial Deputy Grand

Roger served as Provincial Deputy Grand Master from 2011 and was Installed as Provincial Grand Master in 2014, after four very successful years in office Roger stepped down and installed R.W.Bro. John C Clarke as his replacement.

Provincial Grand Steward                 1994

Provincial Assistant Grand Master    2006

Provincial Deputy Grand Master       2011

Provincial Grand Master                   2014 - 2018

R.W.Bro.J. F. Kerr
R.W.Bro. John. F. Kerr
Provincial Grand Master of Down.

It is with deep regret and sadness that we have to inform you of the sudden passing of our esteemed R.W. Brother John Fraser Kerr, on Tuesday 3rd December 2002. R.W.Bro. Kerr was initiated in Felicitas Lodge No. 760 in November 1959, he was Worshipful Master in 1971.
His active interest in the affairs of the Province was reflected in the successive Offices to which he was called.
Provincial Grand Superintendant of Works              1986
Honorary Provincial Past Junior Grand Warden     1991
Provincial Assistant Grand Master                             1994
Provincial Deputy Grand Master                                2000
Provincial Grand Master                                              2001

As a Chartered Surveyor, he used his skills to great effect in the maintenance and uplifting of Masonic properties in the Province. R.W. Bro. Kerr also held the position of Chairman of the Corinthian Housing Association. Such was his work for and commitment to all levels of the Order, he had been elevated to the 28th Degree.

Source: The Grand Lodge of Ireland News Sheet March 2003

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