Felicitations for Felicitas No. 760 (50 yrs Anniversary)

Felicitas Masonic Lodge No. 760 celebrated their 50th anniversary in December 2002 an event sadly marked by the death of our esteemed member the late R.W. Bro. John F. Kerr, Provincial Grand
Master on the 3rd of December that year. But on a happier note the Lodge were pleased to see our Almoner W. Bro. Alan Hopkins receive his 50 year jewel from R.W. Bro. Robert J. Armstrong the then
Provincial Deputy Grand Master, an event well attended by his Brethren in the Lodge and several Provincial Grand Lodge Officers from Down & Antrim, and other guests of the Lodge.

(L to R) R.W.Bro. Robert Armstrong (PGM) with W.Bro. Alan Hopkins and W.M., W.Bro. Tom Saunders.

The members of Felicitas also congratulated Alan on his being elected as Provincial Grand Sword Bearer for the year 2004 and our Secretary, W. Bro. Roger Matthews who was invested as Grand Lodge Steward of Charities at the December Communication of Grand Lodge. Space does not allow mention of all Roger’s work, past and current, in the field of Masonic Charities, but he was on the Management Committee of the Girls’ Masonic Benevolent Fund for 13 years and it’s Chairman in the years 2000/1.

The Lodges 50th Anniversary Jewel 1953-2003

The Provincial Grand Lodges of Ireland 150th Anniversary 1868-2018 

All 13 Provincial Grand Lodges in Ireland celebrated their 150th Anniversary in 2018,a member of Felicitas Masonic Lodge, Wro. Bro. William Somerset was asked to design the 150th Anniversary Jewel for The Provincial Grand Lodge of Down. The Jewel went on sale mid-2017 and can be worn in open Lodge by any Brother. Below is the design which was picked by The Provincial Grand Lodges of Down.

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